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The Boutique Starter Pack

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Ready to start your boutique or scale to the next level?
This eBook has all of the starting points to get you going as well as tips on how I grew my business to six figures.
I've compiled a list of 100 top vendors from the hottest wholesale marketplace to help you on your journey, as well as helpful information to help your business grow.
  • eBook and list are sent via email - please provide the correct email address
  • Orders are filled automatically
  • You will receive the option to download the pdf file
  • There will be two files: The Boutique Starter Pack & The Vendor's List
  • You will also receive a link via email to access the file
  • Most wholesale vendors require a resale certificate in order to purchase
  • Vendor list includes but is not limited to casual, contemporary, formal, and lounge wear
  • Shoe/Accessory vendors included
  • Plus size included 
  • Vendor List & eBook are nonrefundable  
  • Best viewed on tablet, laptop or desktop PC

Starting a business can be tough sis, but you got this!

Wishing you the best in your endeavors!   

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